The CCBB tribe  (Every one needs one!)

United by strong ties and a common mission, we are serious around here when it comes to our tribe. And by tribe, I mean the people that have shared this journey with me over the past 20 years. And so our Cancer, Cancer bo-Bancer village is made up of the most loving and compassionate people that have stood by me every step of the way. Together, we have set forth on a journey to pay it forward. I love them like family (ok, some of them really are family!) so let's not waste any more time and let me introduce you to the tribe behind the mission. 



My vision as a 3x, cancer warrior who has turned my own 20-year showdown with breast cancer into a shout-it-from-the-rooftop's message, is to find a cure through humor, heartfelt stories & advocacy. Completely exasperated with all the pink blenders and Race for the Cure's hullabaloo, my sole purpose is in getting what the Latin refer to as a 'rememdium' - a CURE! Dedicated to raising awareness about the realities of breast cancer and increasing funding for incurable Stage 4/mets BC, I am also focused on providing resources for those battling one of the biggest cancers of all, medical finances.

dedicated to you!





A visionary in her own right, Deidree has that kind of quiet determination that every tribe wants and needs; an insider into the world of breast cancer as her mom (Dee Anne's Aunt Charlotte) took her wings from this nonsensical disease without a cure. Then her son, Chris was diagnosed 2 months before

Dee Anne with Hodgkins Lymphoma, which connected Deidree & Dee Anne by yet 2 more rounds of cancer, chemo & surgeries. Comparing the hideous inner workings of cancer with the silver linings, they are both determined to find a cure, help other patients in the midst of cancer and pay it forward.


The visionary of all visionaries, Dee Anne's partner, Hilary, lives and breathes passion behind all of her filmmaking and editing projects. So, when she captured and documented Dee Anne's entire round 3 journey while also being her main caregiver, she got a back stage pass to the inner workings of breast cancer, chemo, surgeries, financial strain and side effects that forever changed her. Determined to help other survivors and warriors, Hilary continues her compassionate nature and seeks to find a cure that also touched her grandmother and numerous other friend's lives. 

Kim Warrior jewelry designer & ADVOCATE

With a solid vision of working with natural elements, Kim infuses her Native American background into her beautiful handcrafted jewelry designs. Integrating traditional materials such as silver with contemporary design elements, she maintains an aesthetic that is strong in meaning, texture and artful simplicity.Throw in the fact that her sister (Dee Anne), is a 3x warrior, she sought to design a handcrafted jewelry line that Cancer, Cancer bo-Bancer will soon launch with a portion of each sale going to funding both research and financially assisting breast cancer patients in need. Stay tuned!