#Giveitup4mets campaign - Pinktober 


In an effort to make a bigger impact with this disease, Cancer, Cancer bo-Bancer has collectively decided to focus this year's Breast Cancer Awareness Month towards finding a cure and supporting services. And yes, the only way to do that is to raise funds in addition to raising awareness so, we're asking you to put those greenbacks where it truly matters, towards finding a cure and helping patients in need! So, here's how we're rolling this campaign out... First, educate yourself on the devastating effects of Stage 4/Metastatic Breast Cancer. Next, decide what you will give up for a day, a week or the entire month of October and put those funds towards our #GiveItUp4Mets Campaign.  Last, spread the word and the news for this year's #GiveItUp4Mets and donate down below $1, $5 or $100 and help others do the same by spreading the message. Give up a coffee, a lunch out, a romantic dinner - anything! Every penny and dollar counts when it comes to curing a disease that takes someone's life every 14 minutes with less than 2% of funds dedicated to this stage of Breast Cancer. 

...stupid dumb breast cancer


The name, born from one of her son's own interpretation of breast cancer, SDBC has become an international stopping point for thousands of patients and caregivers. Spreading her own gutsy opinions on this appalling and often frightful disease, founder, Ann Marie Otis has single-handedly raised thousands of dollars at her monthly fundraisers. Bringing together a community of patients, families and friends, SDBC also uses their funds for patient support services through the 'Bravery Bags' campaign to pass out to individuals embarking upon the cancer journey. 


...metavivor research & support, inc.


Established by a small group of metastatic breast cancer patients seeking increased funding for Stage 4 breast cancer research, this organization has been internally recognized for their compassionate work and dedication. Thinking beyond the pink ribbon, METavivor has stayed committed to finding a survivable condition for all stage 4 patients.


meet our #giveitup4mets advocates!