As a 3x cancer survivor and warrior, 'round 3' inspired me to pay it forward by giving you an inside peek at the reality of breast cancer through humor, helpful hints and heartfelt insights. I'm also now determined to continue to raise awareness about this insidious disease, but more importantly, to help raise funds to find a cure, help my Stage 4/mets sisters and brothers and support those in financial crisis in the midst of a health one. So, join us in moving beyond finding a cure and kicking this disease to the curb once and for all!   




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Hey Cancer... I'm The Boss of Me!

                                 ~Dee Anne

I'm also very proud to be a part of the CureDiva community, which, is an online one stop shop for products and solutions for women facing breast cancer. CureDiva offers the most diverse collection of products for living stylishly with cancer - from the most practical solutions to treatment side effects to the simply fashionable products, combined with an active community of women who share tips and tricks back and forth. All products are carefully curated (and Diva approved!). The store offers the widest assortment of mastectomy wear, post surgery bras, breast forms and nipple prosthesis, mastectomy swimwear, chemo head wear, hats and scarves, compression products for lymphedima, and much more. CureDiva strive to carry not only a wide assortment of products but also ones that are hard-to-find and special.